Using Popcat Auto Clicker to Game the System -
Using Popcat Auto Clicker to Game the System

Using Popcat Auto Clicker to Game the System

The viral worldwide clicking competition is going strong. People from around the world embraced the popularity of the famous feline character. They spend hours trying to push their countries to the top of the leaderboards. However, it’s apparently pretty easy to implement a script that automates the process. It simulates button presses making the site register thousands at a time. Users even joke about the issue and post ridiculous videos showcasing insane gains. Is there any truth behind this Pop Cat auto clicker meme? And if so, can it be used by anyone to level the playing field? Let’s answer these and other related questions one at a time.

Matter of Principle

Popcat hack

The uninitiated may not even be aware of the phenomenon in question. An owner of a cute housecat posted a funny picture of it on Discord. It quickly caught on and started a new format. Someone has even created an interactive version of it where mashing LMB animates the image. Fast-forward to today, and entire nations compete against each other in multiplayer. The region that generates more clicks dominates the chart. Unsurprisingly, developing a simple Popcat hack was only a matter of time. Tech-savvy programmers were bound to make one for the following reasons:

  • Some genuinely want to help their homeland reach the first place
  • Others find the whole thing ridiculous and aim to prove how pointless it is
  • If something is trending, hackers take the opportunity to show off and practice their skills

Once the genie is out of the bottle, there’s no stopping it. A simple Google search is enough to find a capable Pop Cat auto clicker online. This poses a myriad of concerns relating to the very core of the gameplay. Do the current scores even reflect the efforts of players from different locales? Why bother and waste time if everything is rigged anyway? In reality, there’s no reason to worry. It’s important to remember how absurd the premise is in the first place. Nothing is at stake but fake Internet points. Additionally, these shortcuts are so accessible that no one really has an advantage.

How to Play with Popcat Auto Clicker

Pop Cat cheat

Originally, the idea was to keep manually spamming the left mouse button. Doing so momentarily changes the photo to a photoshopped version with a wide-open mouth. It also produces a satisfying sound effect. Activating the bar at the bottom of the screen unrolls the live stats. They show the number of pops per second and the overall count. Seeing the effect of a single click is rewarding but the task soon becomes daunting. That’s when some fans of Pop Cat cheat and utilize custom-made solutions to maximize their contributions. They come in many varieties that all perform similarly and achieve the same goal. The most popular ones are available on GitHub or in the form of smartphone apps. Keep in mind installing untrusted software may be unsafe. Be careful, double-check the sources, and consider the risks before committing to the cause.

Currently, the leaders of the scoreboard are way ahead of the competition. Naturally, anyone can install the Popcat auto clicker free of charge to narrow the gap. Whether it’s fair, ethical, or worth the trouble at all is down to personal judgment. The options are plentiful for those who want them. Meanwhile, the legacy of the goofy kitty will live on regardless of the outcome.

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