THIS is what POPCAT looks like NOW!? -

THIS is what POPCAT looks like NOW!?

おじきちゃん&Reiny Ch.
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Inspired by this meme:



▼Sister’s Twitter

▼メンバーシップはこちら(member ship)


◆Stream Rules
・Please don’t discuss things that are unrelated to the stream
・Don’t make comments that make others feel uncomfortable!
・Please don’t pass messages around from other streamers. (Eg. “This person said blahblahblah!”)
・Be careful not to give too many spoilers and instructions.
・Warnings will be given to those who don’t follow the rules.
・read between the lines plz.
・If you don’t understand the rules, please watch for a while until you understand!



◆母上 メインイラストレーター

戸森美影(モデラー) @tomori_mikage
だるだな(テクスチャ) @jonhamu



Akihiro Ohtani(@syatten)



#Vtuber #EnglishVtuber #Reiny_ENVT #ENvtuber #vtuberen #バーチャルyoutuber #おじきちゃん


  1. Such swag.
    Swag is still something used by young people, right? Right???

  2. Reiny is ascending and becoming drip Reiny (1 clothing item at a time that is)

    IT IS THE PO PO PO PO PO, That must be the secret code

    Thank you for the short Reiny~ Hope you are having a nice day, Be safe and Take care (^=W=^)

  3. Sad Cat [Is not excited for a while] says:

    I can't believe Pop Cat fell into the world of vtubing….LET'S GOOOO

  4. Close your eyes and let your mind go wild

  5. what's the name of the song at the end? I forgot what it's called and can't find it.

  6. Looks like a good style for a oh I don’t know, an animated music video that might or might not come out in the future?
    hint hint

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