Skittles MEME: Pop cat & Samsung girl -

Skittles MEME: Pop cat & Samsung girl

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Hey Gentlemen & Ladies, It’s BENBROS.
The title of this video is “Skittles MEME: Pop cat & Samsung girl”.
Yes. Some people wanted me to upload SKittles meme pop cat version again,
so I transformed it into a super family-friendly version and upload it again..smh..

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► Background music used
Undertale OST – Hopes and Dreams intro: Save the word

► Thanks for the subtitles
English subtitles by EditorKos 超人王
Chinese (Traditional) subtitles by EditorKos 超人王
Hindi subtitles by AvadaKedavra09
Spanish subtitles by ||Jumperlion-Kun||

#skittles #popcat #samsunggirl


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  1. Good ending: the pop cat is getting a skittle then samsung sam is coming,and then she say put that back,and then pop cat don't want samsung sam touch his hand,then pop cat said "would you fall in love with me, then samsung sam said" yes" and they're both build a happy family

  2. Samsung in USA: simps are simping to samsung girl
    Samsung in the homeland korea: stuck in jail and waiting for free (the vice chair man of samsung will be paroled soon)

  3. And after that pop cat and Samsung Sam became a couple they went on a date get married and they had a lots of wonderful kids
    The End.

  4. I think your previous upload about this same meme was privated

  5. Genocide boss is the Karen

  6. Sorry guys but this is real life,

    Pop cat gets the girl.

  7. so random and good. Feels fine coming back to see what is new in benbros and it is as good as always

  8. Calm down lady, he just needs his Skittels.

  9. What a wholesome love story, wish it was that easy…

  10. Beautiful editing, you should apply for VFX editing in Bollywood movies

  11. How to impress a samsung waifu step 1 grab Stolen Skittles step 2 give it to her step 3 Have a relation Ship with her

  12. Kid: daddy, can you tell me story about how did you met my mummy?
    Dad: OK
    Dad's stories:

  13. Best way to not get caught as a robber

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