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Rise Of PopCat Ep3: Verge Of War

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The truth was finally revealed. Who really is the villain in all of this? Questions were answered, and the lies were peeled off, layer, by layer.

Watch Rise Of PopCat Ep1 Birth of A Legend:

Watch Rise Of PopCat Ep 2 The Cold Harsh Truth :
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This is a series I’ve started, and it tells of the Rise Of PopCat. This takes place in a medival-like modern world. Genre is Fantasy, Comedy, War, Adventure, and Memes :p if memes even is a genre. If you guys enjoyed it, I will be making more episodes, while also posting memes in between schedule 😀

Ross Bugden:
Ross Bugden:
Ross Bugden:
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  1. This is top tier tv this should be on national tv

  2. This is top tier tv this should be on national tv

  3. So this is where POP corn was discovered

  4. I almost cried. I barely laughed. This is so sad… so dramatic… I don’t know what to think about life anymore… should I love it? Or should I hate it? This changes everything 😔

  5. I luv this episode. It was soo better than other YouTuber! 🐆💖🤩💕💕

  6. This episodes are better than a netflix movie

  7. Country that has high love: am I a joke to you

  8. Can you do a speed paint of the rise of pop cat

  9. I called my cat pop Cat. She was so adorable .

  10. I feel like im gonna end up in a cult of pop cat from this

  11. so sad and scary if in real life waaaaaaa

  12. i remember when u had like 42 subs like not even a year ago and now ur at 18.3k its amazing to see how much u can grow in not even a year or do i

  13. The guy who was the shadow it was acutally rick astley😂

  14. This movie needs to be on Netflix now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤬🤬

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