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Rise Of PopCat Ep 22: Dirt Poor, This Sucks!

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Traveling to another world sure has it’s challenges, you really have to be well prepared to face them! What are somethings you would pack if you were going to another world?

This is a series I’ve started, and it tells of the Rise Of PopCat. This takes place in a medival-like modern world. Genre is Fantasy, Comedy, War, Adventure, and Memes :p if memes even is a genre. If you like anime, or netflix shows, give this a try!


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  1. This obviously is the obviously most amazing moment to go down in obviously amazing history

  2. Make sure to share and watch with your friends and family :3 thats the best way to support me! Lets reach 90 likes!BTW you can watch this in 1440 HD quality 😉

  3. I can't wait to see Ep 22 OF POP CAT!!!!!! SO COOL

  4. I'm excited! This is gonna be epic! Thank you Cats XD!

  5. Hmm, since I seen that the fruit and the food keep on getting stolen, I think since this is a different planet it’s different, the colors fruit and other stuff! My theory about what keeps on stealing fruits is Smart yet Homeless pop cats! One of them would Secretly blow out the fire, and steal the meat they have since the fruit turns into smoke when Eaten!

    My theory with the fruit is that in the planet the pop cats living there soon found out that the fruits turned into smoke when eaten, so what I think is when the Fruit gets bitten or eaten it would Turn into smoke as a defensive Move, like there alive but since the planet is different it would have many animals! As a lot of living things live there, such as Deer, pigs and other animals live there that’s why pop cats live there, with lots of animals within the planet they have a stable food source with storing it and saving it
    Those are my theory’s with the food and the fruit, Thank you for reading my theories

  6. I missed it because I had to go to the freaking store

  7. Pop pop LETS GOOOOOO And A POP POP NEW YEAR whooooo

  8. Pop Cats Daily Advice (This series is the best)

  9. Thank you Cunzhuangshui <3 this was epic!!! (If your wondering how Ik his name is from the skit called Torment that showed his name)


  11. This is the only series that has me cried more than 3 times

  12. Yay another episode pls can i get shoutout boiii

  13. Hm we still dont understand about the ostrich

  14. I wanna know about pop cat's parents , pls answet

  15. Even though I like and subscribe and I put the bell to all “v”

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