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Rise Of PopCat Ep 20: The Only Ones

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You are special. You have something that only you can do, and no one else. Remember that.
Challenge: 80 likes, lets do this!🍿🍿🍿

This is a series I’ve started, and it tells of the Rise Of PopCat. This takes place in a medival-like modern world. Genre is Fantasy, Comedy, War, Adventure, and Memes :p if memes even is a genre. If you like anime, or netflix shows, give this a try!


Thank you to my PopCorn Members:
RE Studios
Eric De

Thanks to these creators!
Ross Bugden: [last dawn]
Redafs music:
Audio Agent: [en lele]
Kevin Macleod: [look busy]

If you have any concerns plz leave a comment!

#anime #riseofpopcat #memes


  1. I'm down for this I bet this is fun gonna be 100,000,000+% Epic!

  2. Best way to support the series is to share it with others! Don’t forget your popcorns and lets get this to 80 likes

  3. This is Gonna Be Awesome Like Always

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