Pretending to be POPCAT in Roblox! -

Pretending to be POPCAT in Roblox!

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I found a girl who was breaking up with her boyfriend unless he found her a popcat in roblox! That’s when I decided to make a funny video where I disguised myself as popcat to spy in roblox!


  1. I like the part that they were breaking up

    “ThAtS wHy U hAvE mE, tHe BiG bRaIn GaDoR”
    I sub’d, liked, and turned on notifications

  3. I love the part when you turned into a cat

  4. I love when you troll oders my youser is vandermarwe

  5. My favorite part is video is where you turn into a pop cat and I'm supposed to see these on like daters there's lots on like diapers and we're gave it and I got I got adopted by one in Brookhaven actually for reals in the night I don't care if you make videos at night I don't know what I'm doing just watching cartoons and

  6. Biggest fan I never had a robot and I only work in your video and then your biggest fan can I be one in any one of your video please send

  7. Why did you not say pop cat and take him to the hospital you're mean

  8. I love how u spied on them when they was sitting

  9. Exposing owners are amazing this is the best Roblox YouTuber

  10. My favorite part is you coming to the cat oh yeah by the way I'll get you my username Onesa2bKatie

  11. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG 😲 😲 you have been such GOOD

  12. oh my my oh my people in roblox are not right some times my name in roblox is lisaroseclaass

  13. oh my my oh my people in roblox are not right some times my name in roblox is lisaroseclaass

  14. Please give me some roebucks so I can change my avatar and my favorite part is the start

  15. When u went undercover as cat I’m flpnkck_32

  16. I loved when you trolld the others my username is Karina

  17. Ilovepandas4410 I loved it when you trolled the orders

  18. my roblox name is 95TalTol my favorit part is when i saw a pop cat

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