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Popcat VS Rickroll: A Big Meme War

Mega Popcat
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Omg! Popcat VS Rickroll! which one do you think wins?
Let’s get this movie to win the oscar award! all you have to do is like the video! thank you!
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  1. I REALLY worked hard on this video. If you like the video, leave a comment, share it or subscribe to my channel, I would love it! Thanks

  2. 0:08 bilgi camiası what sesi nkpjkpgpjkrnlrn eskiden bunumu kullanıyodun

  3. Popcat en kötü son: Popcat adamı yer ama godzilla gelir ve radyasyonlu atomik nefesini ona püskürtür ve Popcat atomik nefesin altında kalır ve ölür. DAM DAM DAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!! (KÖTÜ SON)

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