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Popcat in the 1800’s

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Popcat learns to time travel and gets involved in several paintings

Hey! I’m Only_Maxi and I love to edit Popcat videos! I have an own Discord server () where I also do Popcat stuff. If you like the style of my edits and videos, you can come there to see more of my stuff. You can even suggest videos for me to do!


  1. I think popcat was a cat a live cat and It was born at 1800 then someone adopted it and then named it Popcat because he pops a lot

  2. This channel is gonna be super big! I CAN BET MONEY ON IT!

  3. what song was that? It was epic!

    And u deserve a sub 😀

  4. You should've added the moving zoom in to give it more life, still made me shoot air out my nose tho.

  5. Great video!!! Only thing is, 'girl with a pearl earring' was painted in the 1600s lol.

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