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Popcat but 4K and 60fps

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  1. Friend: hey can I use your 4G?Me: Sure, for what?Friend: just a quick popcat checkMe: alrightFriend: But in 4K60fps

  2. could have at least tried to upscale the actual gif

  3. Full HD 4K un link en mega no fail jajajaj xd soy de venezuela :u

  4. thanks for the upload, I appreciate the extra HD in the image

  5. Subtitles (Music)

  6. Please, like my comment, or this cat will die

  7. So cute
    So cute


  8. this is so high quality my computer can't load this

  9. Now THIS is quality content.

  10. Captions: [Música] ah

    I don’t speak Spanish that’s just what the subtitle said

  11. Hold up. Im confused. Aint this your new account, UwU?

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