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Popcat B. Goode

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»Johnny B. Goode« by Chuck Berry – sung by Popcat

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I really had fun editing this, so enjoy it! For the chorus, I had some help: A guy on my Discord Server offered to help me by animating Popcat to dance and hop around like that. If you want to check out his channel, here’s the link:


  1. I just realized it sound like Johnny be good-

  2. Bro cats know how to sing well we just don't want to because we are lazy

  3. You don't understand how happy this makes me😄

  4. Thank you for collabing with me! Was really fun making the animation

  5. Woah niceeeeeee

    Superidol biggest smile nothing next to you when you shining like a sun in midday hue
    You got nothing let to prove to me cuz you perfect in every way
    Don't forget to wear your smile even when I'm gone you got nothing let to prove love can conquer all you got nothing let to prove to me cuz you perfect in every wayyyyyy (water droplets)

  6. how is this not at 1 Million Views yet, i checked yesterday and it was sadly at 300 views

  7. Wait it's the song from back to the future

  8. It started super fast I bet nobody can sing the entire song without accidently mumbling

  9. This brought back my memories of back to the future

  10. 369noscopemacaronicheesewithcheeseballsgnomegang:] says:

    You should do mr blue sky by elo

  11. Please, why does this not have more likes, I love this so much.

  12. Back to the future memories for some reason?

  13. i have a suggestion, its an old boi nammed sha boom

  14. Bruh I love this I never expected you to make a Johnny b Goode singing video or one of my all time favs

  15. I love the Popcats doing Chuck Berry's dance in the back

  16. Chuck Berry is awesome. Classic rock is awesome.

  17. Idk if there actually was supposed to be a joke in his name but for some reasons I think that there's a joke in his name so it says Jonny be good

  18. Hey @Only_Maxi can u plz do a popcat coffin dance

  19. Love the references to back to the future. It made my dad love popcat memes

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