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Popcat 1000 clicks

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  1. Bruh i made 4k clicks in under 3 minutes no autoclicker

  2. Bro is fucking ez to get 1000 clicks i did like 13k

  3. I remember one computer school lesson we were meant to be doing work when about 10 kids hopped onto Popcat.click to try and increase our countries amount. All computers were locked as they blocked the website

  4. i will get to 1k in a min
    edit1:give me another min
    edit2:give me another 5 minutes
    edit3:3 minutes,epik,imma use autoclicker just for fun

  5. bro does hong kong have a bunch of people with auto clickers like what the hell

  6. Oh i remember that,i had like 64k only.

  7. bro give me 1 hour i will have you 100K

  8. Me and my friends record was (we did this during class every day and on bus)3564

  9. Once i left my pc with autoclicker and i gave poland( then number two ) over 400000 pops.

  10. I got an autoclicker and got 500000 i think

  11. I got 72millions no cap I haches the game

  12. shut up kid no one cares. take down this garbage video

  13. For those of you that dont notice jew on phone a thousand is a lot with out your fingers dying

  14. Im way over that I’m over 22,000 but good luck!!

  15. Lol bro I just reached 3000 but when I restarted it deleted my pop count 😱

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