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Pop Cat Sings Wellerman

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This is popcat, he is singing wellerman


  1. I knew this before it got popular on TikTok, anyone else? I think this used to be the first thing to show up for searching “sugar and tea and rum”

  2. I wasted 1 minute of my life on this

  3. Her: he’s probably cheatingMe & the bois:

  4. I don't know why, but it's soooo please to watch! Come here to put a smile back on my face) thank you!)

  5. Legends say wellerman has not arrived yet.

  6. PillyO'Tea Petter of this You have brilliant pop video!

  7. do you have more videos like that? I loved!!!

  8. The cat in the yellow hat looks so happy when the other cats are singing

  9. Me and the boys playing sea of thieves at 2am

  10. I saw this video on Facebook and the next thing I knew I was listening to a 10 hour long version

  11. My man, discord brought a wonder to my eyes

  12. Jokes aside this is actually a bop. Good lip sync!

  13. Did The Longest Johns see this yet? :))

  14. never sail with a cat that can’t sing

  15. this is the video that got me into sea shanties

  16. I think i generate about 75% of this videos views

  17. The people who disliked this song: Why are you gay?

  18. They definitely have a army of eating chicken wings

  19. Why am I watching this at 5:30AM with no sleep? More like, why are you not?

  20. i was excpecting rhytmic pops

  21. Proud to say that i found about this song thru this video

  22. I first found it on Discord, but I became a fan.
    I found it, I FOUND IT!
    I found the original (I think-)

  23. Cute and adorable little (=^ェ^=)

  24. pop cat sings wellerman voccoded to gansta's paradise.

  25. I come back atleast twice a week to this version of the music just to see the cats singing lol

  26. My brother out this on and I was like WTH

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