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POP CAT RECYCLE BIN ICON MAKE | How to Change Recycle Bin Icon Windows 11 [2023]

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In this video i’m gonna show you how to set pop cat recycling bin icon. popcat recycle bin icon is searched on the internet as how to change recycle bin icon windows 11 and cat recycle bin icon . And in this video I showed you how to fix recycle bin icon not changing.

Video Parts:
00:00 How to change recycle bin icon to pop cat icon
00:15 Intro
00:20 Download pop cat pictures
01:28 Change Recycle Bin icon
02:26 Registry Editor settings
04:26 Ending

pop cat link:

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  1. NOTE: Before selecting the icons, put the icons in a folder on local disk c or d. You can create a folder called pop cat icons. If you delete the popcat icons, the recycle bin icon will also change.You can write as a comment the parts that you cannot do. I'll try to help as much as I can.👍👍

  2. It sucks that it doesn't refresh back to Open mouth automatically but still cool. Thanks.

  3. Damn i dont know what i even did with that windows registry thing but yeah it worked thanks so much

  4. thanks this fixed my problem with the pop cat not updating!

  5. i like how winrar just politely asks you to pay the monthly fee, and you can just say no to that

  6. i dont use winrar. waht is something i can use to open it so i can have them as selectable icons

  7. As someone who has used Windows for a long time I’ve already known how this works 😉

  8. Best. Video. Ever. I feel so powerful with this knowledge. I must thank you random internet user, you have made my year

  9. i have a problem with opening file "pop cat". when i try to open it shows up to me with "how do you want to open this file" and i dont know what to do, plz help me with it

  10. for the final desktop refresh phase, i had to refresh it twice to get it running.

    After the reg edit phase, refresh the desktop, then put something in the recycle bin, then refresh again, delete the item and it'll work indefinitely.

  11. Thank you for posting this video! It was very clear and easy to follow :> I'm so happy with my pop cat bin! :3 💙

  12. thank you for making this video i was actually facing problem that i have to refresh everytime and now it is fixed thank you so much

  13. This is the best thing that's happened to me in weeks.

  14. Does this work the same with other icons as well? Like the part "add ,0"?

  15. You have sub from me. I LOVE THE NEW LOOK. It's small detail, but the small details are important. 😀

  16. I tried to refresh recycle bin via cmd and it said "access denied" but those registry settings worked like a charm! Cheers🥂

  17. i dont understand how do i get to the link

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