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Pop cat outfit roblox (very easy)

windy playz
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  1. pop cat hat cost 50 rbxpop cat shirt cost 5 rbxpop cat pants cost 5 rbxbongo cat t-shirt cost 2 rbx (optional)

  2. Where do i find bongo cat in a bag im looking for it like 30 mins

  3. total: 62 robux
    then means i need to save 15 – 62 = 47 robux
    i get the robux from pls donate
    so yeh LETS SAVE UPP BOI

  4. bro idk why i cant find the pop cat pants pls help me:(

  5. This is really annoying me: i cant get the pants! How can i find the pants because the classic pants is not showing up when everything else is and it really annoying can u please help me.

  6. This type of cat avatar always being very annoying troller in cart ride around nothing 🤮🤮🤮

  7. Serkanor
    Is the name
    I got a vert weird popcat outfit

  8. Widziałę cię i ja też jestem popcatem

  9. guys to get the pants and shirt you need to do popcat with not spaces

  10. You can buy a pop cat plushy costume that just cost 120 robux it comes with suit and face

  11. 15 robux price robloxian 2.0 exra is better for cat avatar

  12. Thanks 😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉

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