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Pop Cat in different languages meme (Part 2)

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1. (French) L’Indifference – Cafe Accordion Orchestra
2. (Italian) Tarantella Napoletana
3. (Icelandic) Ólafur liljurós – Icelandic Traditional Song
4. (Portuguese) (Portugal) Amália Rodrigues Coimbra Queen of Fado ( Rainha do Fado ) 04
5. (Greek) Zorba The Greek – Sirtaki (HQ Music)
6. (German) Oktoberfest Accordion Music
7. (Persian) Iranian Folk Music
8. (Czech) Jožin z bažin
10. (Russian) National Anthem of USSR
11. (Finnish) Finnish Folk Song – Säkkijärven polkka
12. (Hebrew) Hava Nagila
13. (Chinese) Dehao Zhang – Ching Chang Hon Chi
14. (Slovak) Hrdza – Stephen
15. (Filipino) DAYANG DAYANG
16. (Estonian) Metsavendade laul – Anthem of The Estonian Forest Brothers
17. (Serbian) Serbia strong
18. (Hungarian) Föl föl vitézek – Song of The Hungarian War of Independence
19. (Indonesian) cublak cublak suweng-indonesian instrumental musicjawa island
20. (Polish) Polish Folk Song – Lipka Zielona
Outro: enoshy – solitude


  1. Im Czech lol And it Is true but u forget beer

  2. Me with no exbf: pop pop cat
    Pop cat: do you ever think of me now i have to pop off
    Me: no
    Pop cat: jk

  3. I'm from Indonesian, i love "Kucing Pop"🤣🤣

  4. I am serbian and i eat Kimchi and MukBang and noddles! Love chinese , japanese , and Korean fooda

  5. The first clip i cany stop laughing LOL

    Im going to say, i laughted the hole world down of all of them so far 🙂

  6. 🎃Chileball feliz halloween 2021🎃 cheemsito says:

    Pop pop pop pop pop ?

  7. I'm Russian and I like translate

  8. Соо-ооюз неерушиимый нарооодоов свободных…
    We have a more better music! Sorry for my English …

  9. I live in philippines pop cat eating sea grapes

  10. Suoooomiiiii! 🤣🤣 The best 1 Italy and Finland

  11. Pop cat was in European Portuguese

  12. On the finland it eats lakritsi i think so im from finland

  13. Polish best || Polska najlepsza || Polska gurom

  14. Pięknie odzorowales nasz kraj 😂🇵🇱

  15. What does represent Poland ?
    Pierogi, hussars, Maluch (coffin on wheels) and Geralt of Rivia.

  16. 소련에서는 고양이가 보드카를 먹는! 이것은 매우 놀랍다! 나를 코사크 추게 하는

  17. Im Poland and translator are wrong on Poland pop cat is pop kot 🐈🐈

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