How to Change Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 11 | Pop Cat Recycle Bin Icon -

How to Change Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 11 | Pop Cat Recycle Bin Icon

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Do you want to change the Recycle Bin icon to a pop cat icon? Not just pop cat but you can completely customize your Recycle bin icon according to your choice. Well, that could be so much Fun.

Download Pop Cat Icon:-

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  1. Why did converting to ico make the picture blurry for me?

  2. i had to refresh the screen to see the change of icon when i delete something

  3. It's funny but amazing feature. I will try this feature to change recycle bin icon into Pop Cat icon.

  4. Quite funny actually! I will definitely try this.

  5. Thank you for this feature.. Really funny and nice 👍👍😀

  6. much theinkiu sisster what god blessed you for your working bai

  7. this gives me pleasent green scammer vibes bc indian voice

  8. who in their right mind would dislike this, how could they, this is revolutionary

  9. I found your video because I had a different icon I wanted to use, but your pop cat idea is better so that is what I am using now. Thank you!! 😺

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