How a Silly Popcat Meme Turned into an International Gaming Sensation -
Popcat Meme

How a Silly Popcat Meme Turned into an International Gaming Sensation

The Internet is a magnificent technology that unites people from all around the world. It provides access to incredible bodies of knowledge and sources of invaluable information. However, it is also a really weird place filled with all manner of wild phenomena. The strangest trends suddenly become popular for seemingly random reasons and take over the planet. And the more famous they get, the more users copy them and spread the word. That’s exactly how the Popcat online following was born. A low-quality picture of an admittedly adorable but goofy feline attracted a lot of attention. It was often reposted on various forums, chats, and other platforms. Now it comes back in the form of an interactive multiplayer competition of unprecedented magnitude. Why do millions of individuals keep clicking on a funny picture? This article will shed light on this peculiar turn of events and clear everything up.


The Legend is Born

Popcat online

In order to better understand the current situation, let’s take a quick detour into history. It all started with a photo of a young cat named Oatmeal. The low-res image is hardly a work of art, although it has a certain charm. But the more important chapter of the story begins with its alternative version. Someone edited the original kitty’s mouth into a wide-open exaggerated O. In combination, the two create a primitive animation that looks pretty hilarious. Add some music, loop the source, and the formula is complete. Content creators have found some ingenious applications for this format since it first appeared. They’ve generated an incredible number of posts for everyone’s amusement. Apparently, this was only the beginning.


Pop Cat Clicker Enters the Race

Some may have thought that the adventure was over. Little did they know a new star was about to rise on the horizon. Someone decided that with a bit of added interactivity, the fluffy legacy would live on. The idea was ingeniously simple. Launch the site, see the familiar creature, and command it to open its jaws. The action is followed by the characteristic sound so dear to the fans’ hearts. What makes the gameplay fun, though, is the competitive aspect. The page automatically tracks where the person is connecting from. It registers the clicking from multiple regions of Earth and displays the results in real-time. Thus, the developer transformed an older inside joke into a worldwide battle. And here’s how a single desktop, laptop, or smartphone owner can help their homeland win.

How to Play Popcat

How to Play Popcat

The interface and the controls are super straightforward and intuitive:

  1. First, hover the cursor over the fluffy character’s cute little face
  2. Second, press the left mouse button to see the signature popping action
  3. Finally, note the counter with the flag at the bottom of the screen

Each time anyone performs the required operation, it adds to the overall quantity. Slide this lower section upwards to see how successful other areas of the globe are. Playing a quick Pop Cat game once a day contributes to each nation’s status. Every responsible citizen must do their part to ensure their state’s victory. The overall record of just one device will affect the ultimate outcome. Do what’s necessary, set the highest score possible, and save a screenshot to demoralize competitors.

To some, this entire endeavor may seem like a complete waste of time. Whereas for others, it is a unique chance to participate in something bigger than themselves. Considering the fact that anyone can access Popcat free of charge, it’s a no-brainer. Become the champion who proudly holds their motherland’s flag and confidently carries it to victory. Don’t let the viral kitten pic fade away and may the meowing continue forever.

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