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  1. Tell me to get 1 million Robux

  2. Did I just saw someone just like this video??

  3. Bro this animation is SICK

  4. These animating sucks that's bad animating

  5. Wow ❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😂😂it's funny

  6. this is why I unsubscribe to this channel

  7. I love the smiling critters☀️🌙⚡️❤️⭐️🌸💡🍎

  8. ⬛🟥🟥⬛🟥🟥⬛

  9. Pin me catnap I haven’t heard of you in a while pop cat 😊

  10. I love the smiling critters☀🌙⚡❤⭐🌸💡🍎

  11. 2:12 it’s crazy that it actually has a meme: fetch go go as far as you can! Why are you just standing there?

  12. Who love

    Pop Cat Roblox



  13. Im unsubscribing. Im watching your old videos.

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