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  1. Pop cat can U tell me the game that U played

  2. Help I’m in ohio I was forced to watch this video

  3. Pop cat keep doing it and I subscribe to and congrats 🥳

  4. Hey pop cat can you play blox fruit we are really love your videos😢😢😢❤❤❤❤

  5. You are so good at making these videos

  6. Do you know quicksand is reality is like a bouncy balloon that doesn’t pop it doesn’t sync you

  7. I feel like this channel is destroying a generation.

  8. This comment r͟i͟g̲h͟t͟ h͟e͟r͟e͟ officer 👮‍♂️
    𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐝

  9. İ made a New movie script with İnferkit.

    The year is 1879, in the kingdom of the Great Red Dragon.

    In the village of Cold Springs, Montana Territory, Jared Evans, a Poor and şad Man who gets bullied everyday, He has a Potion Maker, He looks at the potion book to how to make a potion.

    He has a recipe that he likes and follows it.

    Then they say tomorrow they are having a Sunday dinner, but what's really happening is something is going to happen.

    He looks and finds that there is an Werewolf potion on the book, The book tells Jared The ingredients to make the potion, The ingredients are: Vampires blood, goblin blood, demon blood, and monster blood.

    If you drink the potion it will help you gain a two percent power boost.

    Jared goes in to his den and read the book.

    He got the ingredients.

    At that night they were all in the fireplace, the whole town is singing and eating dinner.

    Every one of them.

    As they are all drinking there soup, they start to have many side effects, Jared Drinks the Werewolf potion and Turns into a white Werewolf with Sharp claws that can run very fast and he turned back into his human form, his upper right hand is normal and lower left hand he can't use anymore and his chest skin became a light white.

    Because he took the potion he felt different, The clock strikes 11, its time for everyone to sleep, But Jared thinks of Murdering the King with his Werewolf Form and he sneaks into the king Boba's room and saw that the King Boba had the other part of the potion that he used to turn him into a werewolf.

    Jared walks to King boba, He slits King Boba's throat with his Werewolf Claws, He sees a Guard coming, He hides in a cabinet until the Guard passed by, He runs to King Boba's room and started the chase, Jared kills a Guard by doing a back flip and his claws by slicing his throat.

    Then Jared passes the last guard and then runs back to the kitchen with the King's dagger that he stole.

    He goes to the butler's room and stabs the chef in the back of his head, He sees the Werewolf hunter, Mister Halfcut.

    Mister Halfcut says that he is the guy to kill the Werewolf.

    Then Mister Halfcut asks what The Guard has and Jared answers with an Evil grin on his face.

    Mister Halfcut finds a Werewolf blood tree, He uses his tracking skills to find the Werewolf and then he sees Jared in a tree as well.

    Mister Halfcut slits Jared's wrists, He then yells to the gardener that he found the Werewolf, Jared Heals his wounds with a Werewolf power, He snaps Mister Halfcut's neck.

    That night, after being attacked by the Werewolf, Jared comes out of the tree and hears someone screaming.

    Jared finds a girl he went to school with and the Werewolf is with her.

    The Werewolf starts to attack Jared, But He moves as he sees a light that looks like a Werewolf hat.

    He then finds out that it is a dummy made of hair on a head.

    Jared takes out the Fake Vampire by Putting garlic in the Vampire'r Nostrills.

    He then drinks the Werewolf Blood and turns back to normal.

    Jared asks the girl if she wants to come with him.

    The girl says yes, They find out that the Werewolf has hidden in the fake vampire

    A year later, The girl and Werewolf Jared get married, Mister Halfcut's Little brother can walk by himself.

    And Miss Tulip becomes a teacher at the town school.

    Mister Halfcut's Little brother, Buzzsaw junior takes out a Crossbow and shoots Jared the Werewolf, Jared dies of a broken neck.

    He wakes up in a strange place and has now been turned into a vampire.

    He finds out that the Vampire that turned him, is named Baron Frankenstein.

    But at the end, he discovers that his Uncle's corpse has been with him in the forest all along.

    The end.

  10. Spełniaj się tam po drugiej stronie youtubea. Nie zapomnę cię

  11. Pop cat can u do build a boat videos THAT WAS THE BEST 🙁

  12. Popcat did u use Brookhaven or not if u don’t pls tell in my comment what it is btw Im subbed

  13. face reveal and voice reveal pls be real it kind be goooood

  14. Haha im glad that the rich guy died muhahahaha

  15. If you face reveal please show us that your really pop at

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