Build a POPCAT Game In 10 Minutes -

Build a POPCAT Game In 10 Minutes

Programming with Lam
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Hey friends!
Learn how you can build the POPCAT Game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Source Code:

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  1. can you add cookies for the score so they don't disapear?

  2. hey there quick question why when i autoclick in popcat it makes my country's total count go down

  3. Hi I am not able to share it with friends and click it on mobile phone. How do I solve this?

  4. Can you teach how to collect points and show them on the board?

  5. how it share to my friends?
    my friends cannot access the link

  6. Why when I press right on my mouse,I haven't see the "Open With Line server"😥

  7. I build a popgame but my object can't pop on my web site

  8. Oh damnnn
    Oh damnnnnn
    Ur the greatest guy i have ever seen

  9. 31. ម៉េង ឫទ្ធីបុត្រ says:

    What app u use sir?

  10. TQ!! I going to try this out, see if i can create one of these with different photo.

  11. hi,do you know how to use scratch to make popcat?

  12. Hey ! I made a popcat game by myself.uwu
    But when I press and hold the blank button on my computer, my score will keep increasing.
    Do you know how to fix it?
    Thanks a lot.

  13. This is really cool. I don't know how to code id there any step by step tutorials where i can follow and learn how to do this?

  14. Hi I can’t even put my file and create a folder. Can you help me?

  15. i can't create a file and put the pic and the sound of popcat.

  16. I want to put my friend's pic to pop, but how?

  17. What software you use to program popcat?

  18. Woah, thanks for sharing this… will make my own popcat now !!!

  19. why my score not increasing? can u help me?

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